1. write English or Korean, I completely can not userstand other languages. use translator


2. Hope you better know I am ultra very Low IQ score Mongrel completely can not understand not Korean language. so Please use Korean Thx. or i can not help but delete cause it's spam to me.


3. spammers posts must delete. how I know you are spammer or just an internet user. how i know?


hope you keep these.


1. don't need sign up here. just write and post work. (I banned for some words for bunch of spammers.)

   99% of intern posts or comments are spams

   stop pammers.png

   Stop Spammers  tried 816, 124 comments on a nameless blog(not listed google search results.).


  a nameless blog which not listed on search results.png



2. don't link Adult Por site or chatting sites or blogs or any nude pics.


1. Don't need sign up just write then work.

2. use English or I am very retartly uneducated so completely can not unerstand like shomething what is it?

3. don't link any adult or porn or dedicine or dug site,blogs any links.


I will not deleting such posts for here free board.


anime soccer cricket site blogs or any other fine. as you better know dont need to delete.


if not english user Please use translator


almost all people do not know english so translated posts will be fine no problem.


Really sorry for Write this cause I got no choices but deleted or all my Links will be eliminated on internet search engines for I let spam comments and posts.

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